Other internal and external points of contact

At the JGU and the University Medical Center Mainz

The Conflict Counseling Center of JGU offers employees "the opportunity [...] to turn to an independent body with conflicts at your university workplace that can no longer be resolved in joint discussions between the parties. Conflict counseling offers confidential and independent assistance with the goal of helping the parties involved to resolve controversial positions in an appropriate manner." (translated by AkIn)

The Anti-Discrimination Counseling Service of the Office of Equality and Diversity offers support and confidential counseling to members of JGU in cases of discrimination.

If you have witnessed any violation of rules within the German Whistleblower Protection Act ("Hinweisgeberschutzgesetz"), you can contact the "interne Meldestelle" of JGU.

Here you can find the contact details of JGU's data protection officer.

"The TARC is a research service facility within the University Medical Center Mainz. Our facility deals with the breeding, keeping and transport of laboratory animals under the aspect of animal welfare." (translated by AkIn)


External points of contact

The independent and interdisciplinary ethics committee of the National Medical Association (Ethikkomission der Landesärztekammer) is responsible for the area of ethics in research and must be consulted before the start of a medical research project.

If you have any questions or need advice regarding the abuse of power in science, you may contact the Network against Abuse of Power in Science (Netzwerk gegen Machtmissbrauch in der Wissenschaft).