Academic Integrity Competence Center (AkIn)

If you have

  • general questions about academic integrity,
  • about good reseach practice or
  • about scientific misconduct,

please feel free to contact the staff of the Academic Integrity Competence Center (AkIn) at the University Library!


Dipl.-Met. Esther Reineke         Tina Rotzal, M.A.


Phone: +49 6131 39-29041


We provide confidential advice and also offer various workshops, self-learning and teaching materials. We are also happy to support teachers in integrating various aspects of good scientific work into their teaching programs.

Our focus is clearly on prevention strategies: the aim of most measures is to make scientific standards visible and comprehensible and to promote and accompany the discourse on good scientific practice as well as on academic misconduct.

Because one key to avoiding misconduct is information: only those who know how to clearly distinguish honest from unscientific ways of working and know the right places to turn to can consciously choose between different alternative courses of action, as well in stressful situations and in gray areas.

In the Toolbox Akademische Integrität vermitteln you will find many handouts on the topic of good academic practice, dealing with academic misconduct, and tips on how to cite properly without plagiarizing.