Courses and information material

Courses and workshops offered at JGU

You would like to further educate yourself in the field of good scientific practice or scientific work in general? JGU offers various courses and self-study materials for this purpose:

Through the General Postgraduate Program (GPP), you can attend courses on scientific working, amongst others. A course on good research practice (in English) is also held regularly. All dates and info can be found on the GPP website.

In the Toolbox you will find various teaching and information materials from the Academic Integrity Competence Center (AkIn) and the JGU campus-wide Writing Center on academic integrity and scientific working techniques.

  • The University Library offers a variety of courses on researching, literature management software, and citations and plagiarism. You can find more information directly on the pages of the University Library.
  • Important tips for authors can also be found on the University Library website.


External courses and self-study offers

The "Committee on Publication Ethics" (COPE) has developed a comprehensive self-study course for editors of scientific publications (An Introduction on Publication Ethics). The 1st module is freely available, the other modules are only accessible for COPE members.

"Like in any profession, scientists are frequently faced with dilemmas: Can I exclude particular observations from my research? Can I use exactly the same data set for multiple papers? Should I agree on a colleague being a co-author on a paper to which she has not made a significant contribution? The Dilemma Game confronts researchers with difficult dilemmas in the context of a critical dialogue, supporting them in further developing their own 'moral compass'."

You can play the Dilemma Game as a card game (pdf) or download the app (this gives you the opportunity to play individually).

The KIT offers free self-study courses in the field of good research practice. Via KIT Open Courses you can directly access the course offers.

Further information offers (thematically arranged)

Short film by the DFG about unbiased evaluation of scientific work (German)

At you will find extensive information and support services for the entire scientific training phase. The portal is maintained by the Gutenberg Council for Young Researchers.

Extensive information on the topic of Open Access as well as funding opportunities for publication costs can be found on the pages of the University Library (UB Mainz).

They include "tips for authors" on licensing models (Creative Commons licenses), copyright, etc.

  • The European Network of Research Integrity Offices (ENRIO) is a network of research intregrity experts, who work in national RI offices. The ENRIO Handbook on Whistleblower Protection in Research "presents information on best practices regarding the protection of whistleblowers in research. The handbook aims to guide research performing institutions on how to implement a whistleblowing management system."